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Advanced Digital Dental X-Rays for Children in Fort Worth, TX

At Aviator Pediatric Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX, we offer modern laser dentistry for kids. Digital Dental X-Rays give our pediatric dentist a detailed look at your child’s teeth, allowing us to provide precise diagnoses and treatment plans. Visit us today to get the best care possible for your kid’s smile!

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Digital Dental X-Rays

We utilize the latest technology in digital dental x-rays to provide accurate and detailed images of your child’s teeth and gums. With digital x-rays, we can detect potential dental issues at an earlier stage, allowing us to provide effective treatments and prevent more serious problems from developing. Digital x-rays significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure compared to traditional film x-rays, allowing us to prioritize your child’s safety and well-being. We are committed to providing the highest level of care for your child’s dental health, and digital dental x-rays are just one of the many ways we achieve this goal.

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Why Are Digital X-Rays Necessary?

Digital dental x-rays are important parts of preventative dental care. They allow us to see underlying problems that might not be apparent from a visual exam for early intervention. X-rays imaging is helpful for viewing the extent to tooth decay within and between teeth. With this information, we can provide treatment to prevent further infection and lessen the risk of gum disease. Growing smiles receive several unique benefits from x-rays. The dentist can examine baby and adult teeth to monitor their health before they erupt, and provide better treatment plans for orthodontic care when necessary.


The diagnostic benefits of digital x-rays allow us to create more accurate treatment plans for better overall care. With detailed x-rays, we can ensure oral issues aren’t able to spread, monitor the healthy development of incoming teeth, and provide solutions for the most cost-effective and comfortable care for your child.


How Often Do Children Need Dental X-Rays?

At Aviator Pediatric Dentistry, we only recommend x-rays when necessary. Most children benefit from yearly x-rays to monitor their development and ensure there aren’t any underlying problems. For children who are at a higher risk of tooth decay or orthodontic problems, we may suggest more frequent x-rays to make sure they’re on the right path for their oral health. Ultimately, the frequency of x-rays is based on the unique needs of each patient so they’re receiving the best, most accurate care from our team.

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Are Digital X-Rays Safe for Children?

The x-ray equipment we use is specifically designed for children, utilizing high-speed, low radiation cameras for an incredibly safe experience. The machines we use provide up to 90 percent less radiation compared to traditional x-rays. Even though these machines are optimized to prioritize your child’s safety, we still adhere to x-ray safety precautions, providing lead body aprons and shields to minimize exposure. We ensure x-rays are delivered safely to provide valuable diagnostics that can prevent invasive and costly procedures in your child’s future.

How Can You Lessen the Need for X-Rays?


The best way to lessen the need for dental x-rays is regular and proper oral care. Make sure your kids are practicing daily hygiene at home by brushing and flossing twice a day. Even with great habits at home, schedule a dental cleaning appointment every six months to monitor potential issues and keep their teeth healthy and shining.


Safe, Digital Dental X-Rays in Fort Worth, TX

Digital x-rays are invaluable diagnostic tools. At Aviator Pediatric Dentistry, we’ll make sure they’re always delivered as safely as possible for the benefit of your child’s healthy, growing teeth. To schedule their next dental exam or talk further about our digital x-ray process, contact us today.

Prevent Cavities for Bright, Healthy Smiles

If your insurance includes your child’s dental needs, many plans cover the full or partial cost of sealants as they fall under preventative care. For any questions on financing and insurance, we’ll be glad to review your plan to get the most out of your child’s dental benefits. For more information or to schedule your little one’s next dental appointment, contact us today at Aviator Pediatric Dentistry.

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