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Effective and Gentle Pediatric Dental Fillings in Fort Worth, TX

Fillings are durable and effective solutions for treating cavities. We provide both temporary and permanent fillings to fit your child’s needs. You can be confident that our trained team will treat your child with the patient, compassionate care they need to keep on smiling once they step out of the office doors.

Does My Child Need Fillings?

For early signs of tooth decay, dental fillings are the ideal treatment to fight off bacteria that can spread further or cause gum disease. We’ll have our eye out for decay during your child’s regular cleanings and exams, and here are symptoms you can look out for at home to see if immediate filling treatment may be necessary:

  • General tooth pain
  • Increased sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Visibly worn down or damaged teeth

Benefits of Fillings

For baby or adult teeth, fillings are highly effective cavity-fighters. Here are just a few reasons why fillings are among the most common dental services:

  • Better tooth structure: Only the minimum amount of the natural tooth is removed during a filling, so the structure of the tooth remains sound.
  • Appearance: Especially with tooth-colored composite fillings, the look of a tooth can be completely restored for a bright, healthy looking smile.
  • Long-lasting: Filling material is durable to withstand your child’s daily habits. They’ll protect primary teeth from decay until they fall out naturally if proper care is taken to clean and floss the tooth filled.
  • Cost-efficient: If cavities are left untreated, they can develop into more costly procedures like pulpotomy and/or dental crowns. Fillings are affordable first steps to catch tooth decay before it has the chance to spread.

Temporary Fillings

With the benefit of a quick application, temporary fillings can relieve pain and protect teeth until they receive permanent restorative care. Temporary fillings are softer than permanent fillings and last a few weeks to a couple months. They’re normally a different color than natural teeth to make them easy to locate and replace during a follow-up visit. These may be used for emergency care, a placeholder for a permanent filling or dental crown, or to relieve sensitivity from a hurting tooth. Additionally, these can also be used for poorly behaved children who need emergency treatment and follow up with oral or IV sedation.


Permanent Fillings

Permanent fillings offer lasting protection once tooth decay is removed. They can last upwards of 3-6 years depending on the material used and aftercare in regard to oral hygiene including brushing, flossing and an anticariogenic diet. Fillings are proven tools for protecting baby teeth until they’re ready to fall out naturally or reinforcing permanent teeth well into adulthood. Permanent fillings are stronger than their temporary counterparts and may be color-matched to your child’s teeth for a seamless appearance.

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Pediatric Filling Procedure

Local numbing anesthesia may be applied to the area, then a small drill and set of hand tools are used to carefully remove decay from the tooth. The area is then cleaned before applying the pliable filling material. To finish the process, the filling is sculpted to match the natural contours of the tooth and hardened with a curing light.

Fillings for Kids at Aviator Pediatric Dentistry

Our goal is to give growing teeth the treatment they need to thrive into adulthood. If you suspect your child might have a cavity, contact us to schedule an appointment for early, compassionate care.

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