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Welcoming Your Child to Their First Smile Journey in Watauga, TX

Nerves before your child’s first visit are normal. They may be apprehensive about entering a place they’ve never been before, or unsure about meeting a group of strangers. That’s ok! Our team is specially trained to provide comfortable, fun experiences for kids during their visit. We love building lasting relationships with kids and their families to become a place they can proudly call their dental home.


Before Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Your child’s first visit to our office is a big step. Our team specializes in making the most of these opportunities for a fun, welcoming experience! Here are some tips to encourage a positive attitude before your child’s first visit:

  • Avoid any language that suggests their visit might hurt. Even “it won’t hurt a bit” can cause a child to worry when it might not have even crossed their minds.
  • Use kid-friendly words to describe tools and procedures. Needles, drills, and shots may simply be called cool tools we use to help fight germs.
  • Emphasize that our team will be kind, gentle, and happy to see them. We will be, so this is an easy one!

The fear of the unknown strongly affects some children. We encourage you to bring them by the office before their appointment to see the location and meet our team. Familiarity and smiling faces can help to ease early anxiety for a wonderful first visit.


Infant Dental Exam

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first dental visit by the time they’re one year old. It may seem early, but preventative guidance and attention from a professional dentist has a lasting impact on your child’s health.

During a baby’s first dental exam, a parent will sit with their child in their lap knee-to-knee with the dentist. Emerging teeth are examined, and you’ll receive expert guidance on best practices for your child’s oral care. A preventative fluoride treatment may also be applied to reinforce the teeth against early tooth decay. This is the perfect chance to get knowledgeable feedback from a team you can trust, so bring in any questions and we’re happy to help.

Teeth are at risk of tooth decay as soon as they erupt from the gums. Nearly half of children between ages 2 to 11 years old will have at least one cavity. An early preventive dental visit helps save money from future dental care, prevent missed school from dental emergencies, and sets the foundation of a child’s overall oral health.

Your Child’s New Dental Home in Watauga, TX

Dr. J and his team are ready to make your child’s first visit memorable for all the right reasons. For patient care that sets the foundation for a lifetime of smiles, contact us to schedule your child’s first dental visit at Aviator Pediatric Dentistry.

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